Chope Dollars

Reserve through Chope when you dine, and collect dining perks for every booking!


What are Chope-Dollars?

Chope-Dollars are points you earn every time you book a table through the Chope App. You earn 200 Chope Dollars per reservation, but you MUST show up to the restaurant.

New Chope users are awarded 100 Chope dollars for creating an account here.

New Chope users are awarded 700 Chope dollars for downloading the Chope mobile App and registering an account on the app!

Please note that reservations made through our affiliates like Smart Shanghai and Trip Advisor do not earn Chope-Dollars.

How much are Chope Dollars worth?

1000 Chope-Dollars = 150RMB
700 Chope-Dollars = 100RMB
400 Chope-Dollars = 50RMB

You can only spend Chope-Dollars in these amounts. The maximum spend at one time is 1000 Chope-Dollars.

Where can I redeem Chope-Dollars?

We have a long list of participating restaurants. Right here:

Shanghai Restaurants

How do I redeem?

NOTE: Start this process at least 3 days before you intend to dine! We process Chope-Dollars redemptions as quickly as possible but it can take up to 3 days.

Step 1: Fill out this redemption form. You will have to choose how many Chope-Dollars you want to redeem and at which restaurant.
Step 2: Within 3 days, you will receive an email from Chope with your unique promo code.
Step 3: Open the Chope app, select the restaurant, date, time and party size, input the promo code and then hit “Apply”. Text will appear that says “[Chope-Dollars: ¥150 Voucher]
Step 4: Hit confirm
Step 5: Show up! Confirm with your server that you booked through Chope for a Chope-Dollar redemption.

To summarize…

1. Earn Chope-Dollars by using Chope’s app to book tables at your favorite restaurants around town!
2. Choose where you want to redeem your Chope-Dollars when you fill out and submit the redemption form
3. Once you get a reply email from us, make your booking with your unique Chope-Dollar promo code
4. EAT!

Chope Dollars FAQ

Can I redeem more than 150 RMB worth of Chope-Dollars at a time?

No. Please don’t try to make two separate reservations and then move your tables together. Abuse of the system will not only anger the restaurant, it will also make it difficult for us to continue this program in the future. We will blacklist any abusers of the system.

How quickly will I see Chope-Dollars credited to my account after I make a reservation and dine?

Chope-Dollars will appear in your Chope account within 72 hours after the dining date. So if you don’t see the Chope Dollars appear right away, have patience!

It’s been 72 hours and my Chope-Dollars still haven’t appeared on my account. Why?

There are a few possible scenarios:
-You weren’t logged in to your Chope account when you made your reservation. Whoops! (Sign up here)
-You didn’t book through the Chope app. You booked through one of our affiliates like Smart Shanghai or Trip Advisor.
-You didn’t show up to your reservation so the restaurant marked you as a No Show.

If you’ve done everything right and you still don’t have the Chope-Dollars you rightly earned, email us at

Can I redeem my Chope-Dollars for a restaurant in another country?

Yes indeed! Give it a try next time you’re in another Chope city like Singapore, Hong Kong or Bangkok.

Will my Chope-Dollars expire?

Chope-Dollars credited to your account expire two years from the date they are awarded.

Once you redeem Chope-Dollars by filling out the redemption form, you’ll get an email from us with the Chope-Dollar promo code to use to make your booking. We suggest making your booking for the restaurant as soon as possible after receiving this email. (Vouchers expire at the discretion of the restaurant. So don’t redeem, wait 3 months, and then make your booking. The restaurant might forget you!)

Some fine print:

Chope may, at its own discretion, amend the above without prior notice.