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Loyalty Programme

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Every meal is a story we want to celebrate.
Loyal diners who keep reserving with Chope will go up membership tiers and see their benefits multiply! From more Chope-Dollars per booking to exciting rewards up for redemption, there are plenty of reasons to reserve and dine.

Chope-Dollars are our way of rewarding diners for reserving with Chope. Simply reserve via or the Chope app, and receive at least 50 Chope-Dollars for every completed booking. Keep making reservations to move up tiers and earn more Chope-Dollars.
Redeem them for cash vouchers at exclusive restaurants plus other rewards. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for free and earn 100 Chope-Dollars immediately! The 100 Chope-Dollars will be credited within 72 hours of your account activation.

The more you Chope

Loyal diners will move up tiers as they keep booking. Reach higher tiers for better earnings!

Refer to Table 1. below for details on each tier.

Number of reservations* fulfilled

C$ multiplier

Redeem dining vouchers

Redeem partners rewards

Chope-Dollars Tiers
C$ multipliers only apply to base 50 C$ received for each completed reservation
Table 1.

Make and complete your Chope reservations* to increase your status and Chope-Dollars earnings!

*Reservations must be made via the Chope app or

Move Up Tiers

You will go up tiers right after fulfilling X number of reservations needed to level up to the next tier.
(e.g. If you are at Bronze tier and you need 3 reservations to move up to Silver tier, you will change tiers after fulfilling your 3rd reservation.)

*Reservations must be made via the Chope app or

You will move down tiers if, at the end of the calendar year, you have not managed to fulfil X number of reservations* needed to maintain your current tier.

The tier you will end up with depends on the number of reservations you made* within that calendar year.
(e.g. If you made and fulfilled 9 reservations in 2020, you will be in Bronze tier for 2021, if you made and fulfilled 30 reservations in 2020, you will be in Gold tier for 2021.)
Chope-Dollars Reset

The counter for reservations fulfilled will restart at the start of the year. Which tier you then start with depends on the number of reservations* fulfilled in the previous year.

Chope-Dollars Maintain

The bar shows your progress and the number of reservations needed to maintain the current tier for next year.
If you registered for a Chope account in Shanghai and Beijing, only your reservations in these cities will count towards your membership status.

If you registered for a Chope account in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, or Phuket, reservations in any of those cities will count towards your membership status.

Keeping tabs on

Looking for a summary of your Chope-Dollars and rewards? Access it easily on your app.

Chope-Dollars Summary
Chope-Dollars will appear in your Chope account within 72 hours from the dining date.


Put your current Chope-Dollars to good use before they expire at the end of 2019. Redeem them for attractive rewards!

Chope-Dollars Expiry
Unfortunately, no. The expiration date of Chope-Dollars will not be extended for anyone, under any circumstances.

Move up tiers to

The higher you go, the more your Chope-Dollars multiplier! Bigger multipliers lead to faster Chope-Dollars earnings.

Table 2. below provides the multipliers for each tier, as well as an example of how a Chope-Dollars promo code would work.

C$ earned per booking

Use of promo code to earn extra 200 C$

Chope-Dollars Earnings
Table 2.

All users will earn a base amount of 50 Chope-Dollars per reservation when they first start booking with Chope. As you go up the tiers, the multiplier will kick in to give you more Chope-Dollars for each reservation*. The higher your tier, the higher your multiplier.

For example, if your tier jumps from Silver to Gold and your multiplier increases from 2 to 3x, every reservation you make as a Gold user will give you 150 Chope-Dollars (3 x 50 C$).
No, it does not. The multiplier only applies to the base amount of Chope-Dollars earned per reservation (50 C$) and not any other Chope-Dollar promotions or specials.

If a person with the 2x multiplier makes a booking and applies a promo code that gives them additional 200 Chope-Dollars, then the total Chope-Dollars earned for that reservation would be: [2 x 50 C$] + 200 C$ = 300 C$

Please refer to Table 2. above for an example of how it would work.
Your Chope Shanghai status and multiplier will not apply to reservations made in other Chope cities.
Chope-Dollars can be used to redeem rewards from Chope Shanghai.

Redemption is easy! Simply:
  • Register as a verified user or login to your Chope account.
  • Fill in and submit the redemption form. Your Chope-Dollars will be automatically deducted upon submission of the redemption form.
  • Your restaurant dining vouchers/discount code will be emailed to you instantly.
  • For KrisFlyer redemption, KrisFlyer miles will be credited to the diner's KrisFlyer account within 15 days.

For more information about other Chope cities' rewards and redemptions, please email for assistance.
To view your options, please go to your Chope app profile page.
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