Chope Diner FAQ

Chope Diner FAQ




Chope-Dollars are only credited when reservations fulfil the following criteria:

  • Reservations are made via the Chope website or app.
  • The diner was logged into their Chope account when the reservation was made.
  • The diner turned up for the reservation!

If you have contacted the restaurant directly or went to the restaurant’s website/Facebook/Instagram to make your reservation, the reservation will not qualify for Chope-Dollars. In your email confirmation there will be no mention of Chope-Dollars earnings and in your Chope-Dollars balance you will not see a line of entry that states that you have pending Chope-Dollars for that reservation.

At current, we have Restaurant Vouchers and Discount Codes! To view your options, please visit the redemption form.

A minimum of 400 Chope-Dollars is required to redeem for a $10 cash voucher at a participating restaurant. To view the full list please visit the redemption form page


Kindly contact the restaurant directly as only the restaurant will be able to assist you on this. Chope only simply facilitates the process of the passing on the diner’s credit card information to the respective restaurant’s payment gateway. Chope does not hold diners’ credit card details in this process.