Want to enjoy the exclusives and benefits reserved for our most loyal users?

• 50 additional Chope-Dollars per booking over the next 12 months • Exclusive invites to ChopeVIP events • $20 off your next restaurant voucher purchase at The Chope Shop • $100 worth of restaurant vouchers

ChopeVIP membership automatically renews after 12 months, as long as your Chope-Dollar balance is over 5,000 at the time of renewal. For example, if you get inducted into the ChopeVIP program in January 2017, as long as your Chope-Dollar balance is 5,000 or more in January 2018, your membership will be renewed no matter how many Chope-Dollars you redeem during your 12 month membership period.


How do I become a ChopeVIP?

At the beginning of each month we’ll email all users who are eligible for ChopeVIP status (5,000+ Chope-Dollars). If you’re jonesin’ to join the minute you reach 5000 Chope-Dollars, fill out the application (below) and we’ll get you set up.

How do I get my extra Chope-Dollars?

Nothing extra is required on your part. Once you’ve received the email confirming your status, you’ll start earning the extra Chope-Dollars immediately with each booking.

What happens if my Chope-Dollar balance goes beneath 5,000 while I’m a ChopeVIP?

If you redeem your Chope-Dollars after you’ve joined ChopeVIP, you’ll still be eligible for event invites and extra Chope-Dollars for each reservation for 12 months after you join, regardless of your Chope-Dollar balance.

What happens if my Chope-Dollar balance stays above the 5,000 threshold?

You are eligible for all ChopeVIP benefits as long as your balance stays above that amount. Every year your membership will be automatically renewed if your account balance is above 5,000 Chope-Dollars.

What happens if I use a promo code for extra Chope-Dollars or book at a restaurant with extra Chope-Dollars?

If you book at a restaurant or use a promo code for extra Chope-Dollars you will earn the amount specified in the promotion along with the additional 50 Chope-Dollars.

Are users who registered with Chope outside of Singapore eligible for ChopeVIP?

At this time only Singapore registered users are eligible, but stay tuned because it will soon be available in our other locations!

We will email all eligible users at the beginning of each month, but if you've reached 5,000 Chope-Dollars and want to join now, sign up here:
Remember, the more you dine, the more you earn!


• Chope reserves the right to confirm the validity and fulfillment of all reservations before granting rewards, and reserves the right to terminate membership for those found faking reservations. • Chope reserves the right to alter or edit the ChopeVIP scheme without prior notice. • Diners are only eligible to receive tangible rewards (restaurant vouchers and $20 Chope Shop coupon) once a year. • Concierge accounts do not currently qualify for VIP membership.