Entrance of Yasmine
Dining Area of Yasmine
Interior of Yasmine
Meat Counter at Yasmine
Steak from Yasmine
Yasmine Burger from Yasmine
Steak from Yasmine
Yasmine Burger from Yasmine
Superhawk from Yasmine

Yasmine's Steakhouse & Butchery (Xiangyang Bei Lu)

American Steak House Restaurant located on Xiangyang Bei Lu

Earn 100 Chope-Dollars at this Restaurant (?)

  • Location


  • Address

    93 Xiangyang Bei Lu, No 3-4,
    Xuhui District, Shanghai, China,
    near Changle Lu Map


    Casual Dining, Kid Friendly, Private Functions, Romantic Dates, Non Smoking


    Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Brunch, Dinner


This butchershop on Xiangyang Bei Lu has been around for many years selling a large selection of imported meats at decent prices, but in 2016 underwent some renovations that made it much larger and added a fully functioning restaurant and bar with a patio. So now, you have the option of grabbing som ...More

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